New Leader.
Fresh Start.

Meet Keegan

Keegan Henry-Mathieu is a proud ward 7 resident, volunteer and member of the business community that believes that our city would benefit from fresh perspectives on council.


A proven leader in Business & the Community

Keegan was born and raised in the city of Toronto, moving to Etobicoke when he was in university. An avid soccer fan, Keegan played competitively throughout his youth eventually coaching all-star youth soccer in his later teens. He often volunteered anywhere he could like Out of the Cold.


Throughout his youth he sought to engage residents in civic affairs through his work with the Toronto Youth Cabinet; Advisory to the Toronto Police Services Board; and civic-engagement group Our Toronto.


Keegan’s over 10 years of working in the financial and automotive industry have not only given him a solid grasp of customer service but also of the challenges that small businesses encounter throughout the city.


Keegan has always believed in bringing everyone to the table to build lasting solutions together. Those are the kind of values that he will bring to the role of Toronto City Councillor.

"Henry-Mathieu has the courage of his convictions and a willingness to follow the evidence where it leads; council needs more people with both those qualities in its ranks."

- Torontoist 2014 Endorsement

"Henry-Mathieu was also excited about the potential of those nearby strip malls, suggesting tax incentives for owners could beautify and create better public areas around them"

- Excerpt from book Frontier City by Shawn Micallef

"Bus service standards and crowding were made worse in the 2012 budget. As council candidate Keegan Henry-Mathieu rides the Finch bus at 3:30 p.m., riders are packed like sardines, and for Mr. Henry-Mathieu, the Finch LRT cannot come soon enough."

- David Hains, Globe and Mail 2014