Building Transit in Ward 7 that reaches every corner

"We can't keep delaying transit projects. Now is not the time to kick the can down the road. Now is the time to invest to get people moving."



Keegan will fight for Complete Streets that allow the safe travel of Pedestrians, Cyclists and Drivers.

Real Solutions to Gridlock

Keegan knows that we need a hollistic approach to tackling Gridlock that will require reducing the number of cars on the road per day.

"I want to work with the community and businesses to re-imagine barren spaces. We can harness so much potential out of new common areas and community-driven programming"


Keegan supports the Community's Plans for a 21 km Mobility Greenway on Finch

Residents have come together with a plan that can boost opportunities Northwest Toronto. Join Keegan in asking the Province to instruct Metrolinx to build Our Greenway. 


A New Community Hub for the Jane and Finch Community

Keegan wants the City and Province to work together to make sure that the Community's dreams of a Hub that can house services, the arts and new opportunities.