Keegan is going to work to change politics in Toronto. He wants to restore hope in our system by giving every resident a platform to be heard.

Holding our Public Servants Accountable

Toronto needs a system that holds public servants accountable while being transparent to the public.

If elected, Keegan will fight to restore faith in our institutions.

Keegan will work to negotiate the immediate destruction of Carding Data

Keegan doesn't want to wait for a provincial government to act. He will work with City Council to instruct the Toronto Police Service to destroy all data collected from the practice of Carding.

Renewing our democracy so that it serves everyone.

Toronto has an outdated system that has left many residents out of an important process.

Keegan believes that our elections process needs an overhaul. While he supports many public calls to open up voting he will work with communities to find new ways to break down barriers preventing residents from getting involved with civic affairs.